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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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stolen koran. does this whole "dude you have no koran" line remind you of anything. >> don't tase me. >> reporter: jacob wasn't tased but seems dazed. >> what radio station is this? >> reporter: it's not a radio station. it's cnn. the koran didn't ignite, but jacob sure is burning up the internet. >> dude, you have no koran. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. i just found out another fabulous fact about tony hairs. you're excited about chrissy hooin being in studio. >> i was a disc jockey. i played it. i was a disc jockey at a roller skating rink with this stuff. i love it. i would love to see you with your afro on roller skates doing
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the bump roll. give it to us. >> the pretenders. you bring your skates in tomorrow. >> that's a deal. hello, everyone. we have today to deal with. a lot of news live from studio 7 at cnn world headquarters. the big stories on this thursday, september 16th, new details on the california pipeline explosion. the owner was going to repair the pipe three times over the last three years but never did. >> it makes me angry because i think they should be more concerned about the people that live around the neighborhoods. and this, almost six centuries after henry viii split from the roman catholic church, great britain gets a visit from the pope. those stories right here right now in the cnn newsroom. up first, this hour, it is the economy. is there anything else?
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we're following several stories affecting your finances. on the jobs front, a dip in first time unemployment claims, tax cuts and the political debate unfolding on capitol hill. more democrats break with the president, and the housing market, whether have the latest figures on foreclosures. let's start with the new jobless report. the number of people filing for first time unemployment claims dipped for the second week in a row. it dropped by 3,000 to 450,000, the lowest level in two months but still higher than it would be in a healthy economy. in a speech this morning, president obama said more exports will help improve the job market. >> in this year's state of the union address, i set a goal for america. we will double our exports of goods and services over the next five years, because the more american companies export, the
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more they produce, and the more they produce, the more people they hire, and that means more jobs. >> nor democrats are now breaking with president obama and the debate over extending tax cuts. the central issue, whether to extend the bush tax cuts for everyone or just the middle class. just moments ago, the top republican called for an all-or-nothing vote. >> the american people are not going to accept anything less than the vote that they deserve. the speaker should pledge to the american people and when she stands before these cameras later today, she ought to pledge that there will be an honest up or down vote on stopping all of the coming tax cuts. anything less than that is unacceptable. if the speaker allows an up or down vote, i'm confident that the american people will not see increases in their tacks. dana bash joining us live from capitol hill now.
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let's do this. let's circle back to the democrats breaking ranks with president obama on this. >> reporter: it is very confused up here, tony. it is really unclear how or if they are going to get this done, what the president has said is his top priority, which is just extending those middle-class tax cuts before the election. the reason is because there is an increasing number of house democrats, 31 house democrats, have now signed onto the letter saying we want to extend all of the tax cuts, including those for the wealthiest americans. it's not just in the house. at least four democrat senators say the same thing. that's why it's very confused. the good news is in terms of the policy, is because there is policy, that these don't expire until december 31st, even if they don't get it done, they have some time to deal with it before it happens. >> so, dana, that's the process.
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next hour, we're going to dig into the economics of the tax cut. but there is another big story you're working on on capitol hill right now. it has everything to do with the small business bill. >> reporter: exactly. we expect the senate to have a vote in the next hour on a bill that would be about $42 billion to help small businesses. this is something that the president went into the rose garden to talk about yesterday. it will be something that they will count as a huge victory for the democrats. many republicans oppose it. why is it important not just for small businesses? but, again, this a political season. they hope this is something they can use to counter the republican charge that democrats want to hurt small businesses by letting those tax cuts for the wealthiest expire. they say they're going to point to this say, hey, look, this is something we're doing for smaug businesses. >> dana, thank you. let's stay focused on the economy. the latest figures on foreclosures point to a housing
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market still struggling, but a slowdown in the number of properties entering foreclosure. 95,000 homes were reclaimed last month, up from 76,000 a year ago but the number of home owners that received default notices fell 30% in august. that will eventually translate into fewer people losing their homes. graphic video from a police cruiser dash cam. they chase a motorist ending in a crash and then beating the suspect. the dallas police chief is seeking criminal charges against the three officers involved, one of whom turned a second video dash camera away during the incident. >> no one is above the law of this great country. and i expect officers observing any of their peers following the
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law or the department rules to report these violations immediately. no one incident should define the integrity or leadership or character of the dallas police department. >> and cnn will continue to reach out to the officers for comment. michael jackson's mother has filed a lawsuit against production company aeg live. she accuses the company of causing her son's death by pushing him to rehearse for his comeback tour despite poor health. new developments from san bruno, california, documents show pg&e requested rate hikes three times in recent years to upgrade the natural gas pipeline that exploded. it never did the work. here's tom carr. there are consequences when it doesn't get done. >> reporter: back in 2007, pg&e asked for about $5 million to
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replace a section of the pipeline that blew up in san bruno. pg&e's own document says the replacement of 1 1/2 miles of pipe was prioritized by pg&e's risk management program. >> they said they would replace that section in 2008, and the commission gave them that money. >> reporter: but then in september of 2009 -- >> pg&e came back and said we need about $5 million to replace this very same section of line 132, and we plan to do it in 2013. >> reporter: this time pg&e's document says the pipe section was one of its top 100 risks, making the risk of failure unacceptably high. >> we're wondering, why didn't pg&e replace the section in 2009, when they got the money to do this. >> reporter: so i put that question direct to pg&e's president. >> some things happen when we're going down, and a year later, maybe some other item becomes more emer gent that we need to
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fix. so that's why we redirect funds to take care of the things that are urgent today and go back and slook at what's urgent tomorrow. >> if it's prioritized for here it should be fixed. >> they should be checking this. if they know the gas pipe is here, why don't they check it all of the time? >> it makes me angry because i think they should be more concerned about the people that live around the neighborhoods. >> believe me, within the next few days you will have the information because i'm back and i will drill down to the information because you in the community have the right to know. what is the bottom line. absolutely. i'll be back, and you will get the information. that i can guarantee you, okay. still to come in the newsroom, the crown and the pope come together. at. gothgeckt-shirt... "4 milon drirstched!"
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it is the first papal state visit to great britain. the pope arrived in scotland
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today where he was greeted by queen elizabeth. the public seems to be giving him a cold british soldier. live pictures from glasgow where the pope will say mass next hour. atika shubert looks at the reason so many brits are angry at the pope. >> reporter: on the eve of his arrival, abuse victims and their supporters gathered in london to express their anger, saying the pope's apology jis and condemn mags of abuse are not enough. >> why would i want him to apologize? what would that do for victims of survivors and abuse? >> i'm broken by what happened to me. people see that this is his toric and in the past, but survivors live with the legacy of the abuse every day. >> reporter: at almost every event protests are being
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organized on everything from the ordination of women to gay rights to the sheer cost of the visit, $20 million paid for by taxpayers. this activist went so far as to threaten a citizen's arrest of the pope but since backed down after meeting with church officials who have sought to reach out to critics. >> the pope is a coalition of catholics and non-catholics. we oppose his visit. we don't think he should be honored in this way and we particularly object to the taxpayer funding part of his visit. >> reporter: a recent poll by the times newspaper says two-thirds of respondents said they were unhappy with the papal visit and 83% thought the catholic church was dishonest about the abuse of children, and more than 70% believe the church should allow contraception, abortion, and for women to serve as priests. despite the controversy, church
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officials say they still expect to see a strong turnout for the papal visit even though at this stage, the events are far from being sold out. >> people in this country, catholics in this country have a deep affection for the pope, and they will show that. i have no doubt about that at all. >> reporter: so will pope benedict find affection or anger in britain? church officials are likely preparing for both. atika shubert, london. >> cnn has more on the issues raised here, child abuse covered up, guilty priests relocated. what did the pope know and when? cnn investigates september 25th and 26th. arizona crackdown on illegal immigration, a big worry for small businesses. ines ferre looks into the impact.
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you know, after getting the cold shoulder from the national republican party leadership, delaware gop senate nominee christine o'donnell is getting their attention and pledges to help. o'donnell won tuesday's primary with the support of tea party activists, and now john cornyn is pledging $42,000 to her campaign. mitt romney's political action campaign is sending $5,000. mitch mcconnell says he will also donate money. the rnc chairman michael steele says he has instructed his staff
11:17 am
to send money and resources for christine o'donnell. the 2008 democratic candidate says if a lot of tea party candidates win in november, their actions in congress could be quite different from their words on the campaign trail. >> i have seen a lot of people run for office and say a lot of things, and then when they have the burden of holding office and the responsibility that goes with it, i've seen them become very sobered very quickly about the challenges we face domestically and internationally. nobody said it better than mario cuomo said you campaign in poetry and govern in prose. the poetry gets hot and over the top but the prose brings you down to earth. months after the arizona immigration law passed, businesses say they are starting to feel the effects of boycotts against the state. >> several weeks after the law was passed, los angeles approved a resolution to boycott
11:18 am
contracts with arizona. rick caldwell is president of this helicopter company and they have provided parts to l.a.'s police depp, and since april 23rd, he has had no business with los angeles. take a listen. >> we haven't received an order since or any kind of cancellation or any correspondence as to whether our contract is in effect or cancelled. >> rick and other business owners say, look, we had nothing to do with it and are suffering. 13 arizona companies had a total of $7.7 million with los angeles, and our affiliate called several of the businesses and they said, we still have the cracks that are being honored but they just don't know for how long, tony. they are worried they could pull the plug at any moment. tropical storm karl has already hit the yucatan and could become a hurricane before hitting mexico a second time. [ male announcer ] megared omega-3 krill oil from schiff.
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unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. let's get you caught up on top stories right now. al qaeda's second in command lashes out at pakistan's government. he accuses pakistan of turning on its own people by cooperating with the united states and allies. the pakistani spokesman says the claims are not worth the reaction. in afghanistan, more violence aimed at coalition forces. a day after a deadly protest in kabul, an armed person tried to go into a base. john boyd is riding a tractor to capitol hill and is pushing the government to settle a case regarding funding to black farmers.
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let's see here. let's get to rob marciano. cnn, your hurricane headquarters. the tropics busy enough for you? >> remember that game show "jokers wild." joker, joker and a triple. that's what comes to mind. we have three hurricanes in the atlantic basin. karl was recently updated. it was getting stronger quickly. made landfall yesterday across the belize/mexico border and is
11:23 am
centered right here give or take and this is the general direction it's going in. good news for folks who live in texas, but not those who live in northern mexico. the updated forecast brings it to category 2 strength whether it makes landfall late tomorrow or early saturday. that means that we've got problems for the folks who live down there. >> what are we looking at here? >> a view from space here. >> oh. >> get that box out of the way. i can't see the eye. you know, love these astronauts but not -- >> production values. >> they're not going to make it as professional photographers. here's a shot from higher up, showing all three. julia is a category 2 storm, kind of losing its punch but igor continues to impress. still a cass gore 4 storm and
11:24 am
still heading in this general direction, and that's a worry for folks who live in bermuda because on computer run after computer run, it wants to take it over that island which is only like 20 miles wide, something crazy like that. the eye is almost 40 miles wide, so you can conceivably swallow the whole island there if the eye goes over. the forecast is for it to be somewhere in the vicinity, if not over bermuda, during the day sunday, sunday night into early monday morning as a cat 2 or 3 hurricane. they are pretty well prepared there. the building codes there are pretty strict, but any time you get a major hurricane going over that kind of real estate, that's trouble. this is no can of corn, either, heading to the east. severe weather rolling through southern lake michigan right now. this is all with the storms that came through kansas yesterday, which we may or may not have or may have already shown.
11:25 am
there was big time hail there. >> do you have pics? >> a few tornadoes also that touched down. we don't think we will see potential weather but there you go, that will put a hurtin' on you real quick. that severe weather moving out and windy conditions across the northeast. i'm going to toss is to commercial break. ♪ just one bite onsa rlof d
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pay close attention on the rooteds from florida to california. you might be sharing them with a former top spy. robert richer used to lead the clandestine department several years ago but he launched a bike across america to raise money for the families of fallen cia officers. they are now 400 miles into their tour, calling it coast to coast tour. the couple has been training for months now for this trip that will take them from jacksonville, florida, to san diego, california. >> traffic is our biggest concern. >> right. >> you would not believe how
11:29 am
many people are texing while they are drivering and they curve over to us. we can't warn them off. we are worrying about driving, but in 4,000 miles of train, i think we had 3 discourteous drivers. that's amazing in northern virginia. that's my greatest concern. >> i think the mental part of this is going to be difficult, being away from friends and family, but i think what we'll remember is that we're doing it for people who have lost their lives and they never will see friends and family again. so i think that's what's going to continue to push us forward. >> we want to support this couple. we want you to as well. they have logged 400 miles in five days and are documenting their progress on their website. here is the website, middle east peace talkers
11:30 am
finish up the second round. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese. by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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the second round of middle east peace talks has ended in jerusalem. no break-through. the george mitchell calls the negotiations impressive and fast-paced. he says both the israeli and palestinian leaders are engaged and serious. mitchell left jerusalem for stops in syria.
11:33 am
a third round of talks is not scheduled. paula hancocks now with a look at what's on the line in these negotiations. >> reporter: the issue of europe has sunk peace talks in the past and considered one of the most contentious issues. west jerusalem is predomestic mantly israeli, where the israeli parliament sits and been part of israel since its creation in 1948. east jerusalem is predominantly palestinian be captured by israel the in the 1967 war and annexed but not been recognized by any other country. the exact divide between east and west jerusalem has been seriously muddied since 1967. there are exclusively jewish neighborhoods in the east of the city and the united states has asked israel to refrain from
11:34 am
provocative acts in east jerusalem, they are expanding. they want all of jerusalem to be israeli and will remain the undivided capital of israel. palestinians claim east jerusalem is the capital of their future state and consider it occupied land. some palestinian families have been evicted from their homes as settlers lay claim to the property and palestinian homes have been demolished as they considered to be built illegally by israeli authorities. you have the old city in east jerusalem, home to three of the main religions. it's difficult to see either side giving in on the issue of jerusalem. feeding into this, the issue of borders. the west bank was captured by israel from jordan back in 1967. palestinians want their future state to be based on those borders, but the border of today is very different to 43 years ago. there are around 00,000 jewish
11:35 am
settlers living in the we have bank. every government has asked israel to settle this for decades but settlers control 42% of land in the west bank. most experts believe a land swap is possible but there's another complicating factor. since 2002, israel has been building this, what it calls its security barrier, originally intended to keep palestinian suicide bombers out of israel. palestinians have another term for it. they call it the apartheid separation wall and they think it's a land grab. a united nations report says 85% of it is built on palestinian lands. it's tricky for both sides to talk about borders when this war has effectively drawn out its own border no matter how temporary. another contentious issue, the try of return. hundreds of thousands of palestinians were displaced in
11:36 am
1948 when they left or fled their homes when the state of israel was created. many of them ended up in refugee camps like this one here in bethlehem. this is more than 60 years ago, so over those years the tents have been replaced by concrete homes. few, if anything palestinians, have given up on their dream of returning to their original homes now part of israel. many still have the front door keys, huge cast iron keys which look like they belong in a museum. they even have an art installation here in bethlehem at the gateway, a symbol of the right of return. but you would be hard pushed to find an expert on either side of this conflict that actually believes that israel would ever agree to the right of return and if israel were to allow hundreds of thousands of palestinians to return back to israel, then it could demographically lose its claim as a jewish state.
11:37 am
paula hancocks, cnn. i got to tell you, some florida voters could have trouble finding governor charlie crist's name on the ballot coming november. we'll explain why in a moment. w. ♪ at dow we understand the difference between innovation and invention. invention is important. it's the beginning. it's the spark. but innovation is where we actually create value for dow, for society, and for the world. ♪ at dow, we're constantly searching for how to use our fundamental knowledge of chemistry to solve these difficult problems. science is definitive. there is a right answer out there. [ male announcer ] the same 117 elements do the fundamental work of chemistry. ♪ the difference, the one element that is the catalyst for innovation,
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he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. take a lock at these pictures. rob marciano, i want to show them again because i think we gave them the short shrift a few moments ago.
11:40 am
>> there is the eye and the swirling cloud canopy. it's all upside down, isn't it? >> it looks that way, yes. >> just a camera angle, friends, and it's all relative. good morning, again, tony. we are looking at -- that was igor, and i forget what the iss flies at. it is a low-flying orbit, and it cruising around the earth pretty rapidly. this shot from the geostationary sites up there at 22,000 feet or so. look how wide that eye is. it's loik 35, maybe even 40 miles wide. we have hurricane hunter aircraft en route, almost reached the eye wall. that's turbulence and they have a rough ride there. speaking of planes, they have pulled out the gamut of planes
11:41 am
for karl for research reasons. they have flown c-130s in there, and -3, which were developed to drop sup marine torpedoes. did you know that nasa and the hurricane center -- good-4s. >> tax dollars, baby. >> you got to fly in style. one other plane, a dc-8 as well, and also this plane -- i can't remember the name of it, developed in the '50s to be a high altitude recon and they can fly like 55,000 up. no excuses for making a bad forecast. unfortunately, for our friends in mexico, this is a category 2 storm. right now, it is category 1 status. it may get to the coastline quicker than we originally
11:42 am
thought, tomorrow afternoon and evening is when you will get hit. there are hurricane warnings posted for this area but far south of texas. we don't anticipate bad weather for texas. this forecast track for igor hasn't changed. the guide dan this entire hurricane season is phenomenal. they are getting so good at it. if i lived in bermuda, i would be getting nervous and making preparations for the impact of potentially a major storm hitting them during the day on sunday. we will send reynolds down there to check it out. rain across parts of the dakotas and kansas. we showed you the hail video, strong at this time of year, and winding itself up across the great lakes. this could create severe weather in spots across the ohio river valley and crank up the winds across the northeast.
11:43 am
seasons are changing. fall weather moving in. football season. >> reynolds on the line, the only thing i could make out was "dude." that's for you. checking top stories -- the number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits doped for a second straight week last week according to a government report out. president obama kicking off a multi facetted effort to bolster u.s. exports. he plans to double exports over the next five years. pope benedict admits the roman catholic church has not been vigilant or fast enough in responding to the problem of sexual abuse by priests. he made that comment as he arrived in britain for a four-day state visit. many there are angry over the vatican's perceived lack of response to the act of violence. for your cnn equals politics
11:44 am
update, dana bash, part of the best political team on television joining us live from capitol hill right now. what's crossing right now? >> reporter: what's crossing first is you know how democrats starting with the president and over in the democratic national committee have been trying to make john boehner the boogeyman, running ads against him, trying to personalize the republican opposition? our colleague brianna keilar asked john boehner how it feels to be the new boogeyman? >> you know me. i'm such a scary guy. listen i just say it the way it is. i'm the most open, transparent person in this town. i have good attributes. i have some that probably people don't like. but i say it the way it is. it comes with the territory. >> reporter: up second on the ticker, i have two words for you -- florida ballot. did you get a little queasy? >> oh, yeah.
11:45 am
>> reporter: this has nothing to do with hanging chads. this is something else. it has to do with florida governor charlie crist and a problem he has on the ballot as he tries to become the next senator for florida. he will have to be nine out of ten on the ballot because he is not part of any party and unaffiliated dowthere. those are the rules. if you are on the ballot, it depends on when you file. he admitted it is an issue for him in getting votes. lastly, the third item, obviously, the big debate is what to do about expiring tax cuts. what is the american people think? there is a new new york times/cbs news poll out saying 53% of americans say they do agree with democrats that you should just let the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans expire. 38% say that's a bad idea. so, for the most part, they have the majority on their side, democrats, but one side note
11:46 am
that, democratic pollster dan greenberg has been pushing a poll that says among independent voters, those that they are most concerned about that this issue is the top one to try to hit this harder and harder to get those independent voters back. >> appreciate it. thank you so much. your next political update in an hour and for the latest political news, you know where to go, remote keyless entry and turn-by-turn navigation available in every model. so it must be hard for you to hear say our interior raises the small-car bar. if you want to talk about it, call me... that is you know when you get home... since you don't have bluetooth in every model. the all new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪ it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking,
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breaking news we want to bring to you now. you're looking at live pictures from our affiliate in baltimore, wbal-tv. this is johns hopkins hospital. yes, the world renowned johns hopkins hospital. baltimore police are on the scene of a shooting inside the hospital in east baltimore. we understand the shooting took place or at least police received a call at about 11:12 p.m., a little more than a half hour ago of a shooting at the hospital. this is on north wolf street, and the shooting victim is reportedly in critical care right now. we understand that the shooter is actually hiding inside of a patient's room on the eighth floor of the hospital, unclear
11:50 am
whether the gunman is related to the patient. we understand that the hospital has been -- has been -- evacuated. that makes all of the sense in the world, obviously, and that information is coming from the associated press. let's recap the situation. we have a shooting inside of johns hopkins hospital. that's east baltimore. we understand the hospital has been evacuated. that's a pretty large campus, too, so that's a sizable evacuation. but again, the shooter is being, is inside of a patient's room on the eighth floor. unclear whether the gunman is related to the patient. the information on the victim, is reportedly in critical condition. we will continue to follow developments here and thanks to our affiliate for the ariel view of the hospital. the nation's poverty rate jumped to its highest level in
11:51 am
16 years last year. the rate rose to 14.3%. that translates to more than 43 million americans in need. budget officials define the flesh hold as less than -- for a family of four. do we have a shot of the new york stock exchange? let's get to our you can take a look there. can't see what the led story is from the desk, but i think it is more reporting on the poverty numbers. let's see the numbers on the big board now. better than -- well, we're into the day. that's for sure. coming up on the noon hour, we are down 24 points in the nasdaq. trading trending lower as well? we will follow these numbers throughout the day right here. boeing says the airline industry is going to need more workers and you won't believe how many. allison kosik is joining us from
11:52 am
the floor of the new york stock exchange. how many jobs are we talking about? >> more than a million jobs in the airline industry as a whole. that's how many jobs that boeing says will be open over the next 20 years. they say these will be about a half million for pilots and a half million for maintenance workers. they came to this conclusion by looking at its market outlook and down the pipe. it's expecting to deliver about 30,000 airplanes over the next 30 years. this is interesting and ironic, even as boeing is talking about this kind of growth, it's got really big issues with its new equipment. i'm talking about the much delays 787 dreamliner. lots of those planes are still sitting in the hangars. one was grounded last month because of an engine problem. it is expected to be delivered next year. that is three years behind schedule. a lot of these jobs will be open
11:53 am
mostly in asia, but also a good number of them will be here in the u.s. as well. tony? >> allison, i saw a line on this this morning. maybe you can help flush it out. there is news coming from boeing today that the company may be expanding into outer space. >> boeing is teaming up with a company called space adventures to market passenger commercial flights to go into space, low earth orbit. that's about 1200 miles above the earth's surface, and also these flights would go to the international space station. they would be able to carry seven passengers at a time. so far, no price on how much each ticket will cost, but they are expected to start in the year 2015 and pretty much anybody can go. even you, tony. kind of put together several million dollars for your ticket into space. >> oh, is that all it will take? most folks think i'm lost in space any way.
11:54 am
might as well take a real trip. see you next hour. let's update the breaking news. do we have a picture from wbal. over johns hopkins. the world renowned hospital. police are on the scene of a shooting inside the hospital and police got the call about 12, make that 11:12 p.m. reports of a shooting on north wolf street. we understand the victim is in critical care. in critical care right now. the shooter is, to our understanding, hiding inside of a patient's room on the eighth floor. it is unclear whether the unman is related. we don't know a lot about this story at this point. we're getting word from the associated press that the hospital has been, has been -- okay. we're getting additional information that the hospital has been evacuated and jenny,
11:55 am
you're telling me we're getting additional reporting that it was a physician at the hospital, that it was a physician at the hospital who was shot. who is the shooting victim here. so we will continue to follow this story. let's circle back on it one more time. baltimore, johns hopkins hospital. east side of baltimore. police are on the scene. the hospital has been evacuated. we understand from some local media reports in baltimore that a physician may have been the victim of the shooting here. the shooter, we understand, is hiding inside of a patient's room on the eighth floor of that hospital. but that's a big campus. my phone's going off, so that might be some additional information as well. we're going to continue to track that information. the hospital, i think i mentioned, has been evacuated. thanks to wbal for the ariel view of that big campus there.
11:56 am
johns hopkins hospital, the east side of baltimore. back in a moment. announcer: naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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11:58 am
we're trying to round up as much information on this situation. sounds like a really tense situation in baltimore at johns hopkins hospital. and a spokesperson is confirming a shooting at the hospital. that's in east baltimore. police receiving the call at about 11:12 p.m. eastern time this morning. again, the hospital is on north wolf street, but it takes up a wide section of east baltimore. it is really the anchor tenant of east baltimore when you think
11:59 am
about it. the shooter, we understand, is hiding inside of a patient's room on the eighth floor. we also are getting information from local media, local media. you know what? let me not, let me get to craig bell because craig is following this story for us from our national desk. we're getting a lot of information, some from the local media there in baltimore. also, from the associated press, but let me have you go through the latest information as you know it on this shooting at johns hopkins hospital. >> tony, just a few minutes ago, i got on the phone with officer kevin brown and he confirms that one person has been critically shot. categorized that person as a doctor. they said they had attack units on the scene and also felt the suspect is hold up, barricaded inside the hospital. there have been also reports that this gunman may have a
12:00 pm
doctor or hostage. kevin brown did not confirm that. he's not sure where that information is coming from, but at this point, they have no details. >> okay, so craig, and is it kevin brown? >> kevin brown. he's with the police. >> have we heard anything from the hospital beyond confirming the shooting? >> no, only thing we've heard from the hospital at this point is that they are in a sheltered mode at this point. advising people to take shelter inside the hospital. >> it sounds like police know where the shooter is. the eighth floor of the hospital and there may be a hostage situation unfolding as well. maybe, underlined exclamation point. >> maybe, with a strong exclamation point. kevin brown said they have no details on the hostage. >> we won't take it beyond what we know and the other reporting from kevin is that it may have
12:01 pm
been, i guess i'm just trying to tie up some of the loose ends i'm getting, from some of the affiliates, that it may have been a physician who was the victim. >> yes, she confirmed it was a physician who was critically wounded in this shooting. >> if you get more information or if you can pass kevin through to us, we'd appreciate it. baltimore city police are on the scene at johns hopkins hospital in east baltimore, where i think we're getting more information. okay, great. wmar television in baltimore is doing some reporting on this, covering this live. let's listen. >> reporter: staff, patients, all being told to stay inside their room. we're getting word that the suspect has barricaded himself into an area of the hospital. the hospital, the 600 block of
12:02 pm
north wolf street. 982 beds inside the hospital. huge facility there. lots of people were swarming to the scene, people coming and going. police swarming that building as if emergency alert came out. baltimore police say a doctor has been shot at johns hopkins and a suspect is hold up inside. a spokesperson says the hospital is on lock down. the doctor is in critical condition. the suspect has been barricaded into an area of the hospital. we have crews heading to the scene to learn the latest at the campus. stay with us onair and online for the latest news. >> guys in the control room, let's pull up the websites of our affiliates in baltimore. let's stay as current as we can on the reporting coming from the city itself. from baltimore. let's see if we can get kevin brown on the line with us. maybe he'll talk to us about
12:03 pm
what's developing right now. again, as you heard the reporter from wmar tell us all, everyone inside the hospital who was not evacua evacuated, is being warned to stay inside of rooms right now. a doctor has been shot. that's been confirmed by the baltimore city police. that is a huge hospital. if you're talking about facilities in baltimore, it is one of the major facilities in baltimore, the whole johns hopkins system, the hospital itself. the mothership hospital, if you will, all of the affiliate, bay view, the other affiliate hospitals in the johns hopkins system. it is a huge, huge hospital system in baltimore on lockdown right now. people have been evacuated from areas they could have been evacuated. patients in rooms, 982 beds in
12:04 pm
that hospital, being told to stay inside your room until you get further information and guidance from someone official on the staff at this point, probably police. we're going to continue to follow this situation, pretty tense. johns hopkins hospital pretty tense. a doctor shot, confirmed by police and the alleged shooter hold up in the hospital room. let's take a break and get you more information. back in a moment. you get to use any of our concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the rental. what if i'm stuck at the office? if you can't come to us, we'll come to you in one of our immediate response vehicles! what if mother won't let me drive? then you probably wouldn't have had an accident in the first place. and we're walkin'! and we're walkin'... making it all a bit easier -- now that's progressive! call or click today.
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12:07 pm
let's update the breaking news we have been following. we understand that the alleged shooter who entered johns hopkins hospital this morning, police receiving a call at about 11:12 p.m. eastern time, a shooting had taken place inside the hospital. we understand now that the shooter has been captured, subdued, apprehended, you pick the word here. most importantly here, disarmed. so, we have reached a place here where the alleged shooter is now in the control of baltimore city police. okay? and -- so there you see the scene from our affiliate chopper view from wbal. thanks to wbal for those pictures. josh, you're with us as well. we've been trying to get the information on this. the latest being the shooter
12:08 pm
appears to have been captured. certainly disarmed and no one's giving the all clear yet. we certainly won't do it here, but you're helping us gather information. >> get an understanding of the area that it's in, sometimes one of the hardest things, are there a lot of other major buildings nearby, is there a building nearby this person may have gone to. we aren't getting any reports of anything happening in buildings around. i'm looking at google earth. it's a very busy section of baltimore. you have that information now. i'm also following what we're getting from our affiliates. nothing up there yet, but one of our affiliates talking about, there was some reporting that the shooter was holed up inside the hospital and a spokesperson saying the emergency room had been closed off. that's a stage toward the more advanced news that you have now, tony, about what's happening at this point. what i'm going to mention, the latest reporting that we have
12:09 pm
here, a spokesperson from the baltimore police said this one doctor was critically injured in the shooting. we're keeping an eye on the ariel views to see what kind of traffic goes on in that area and the first thing we want to know is that there are no security concerns. in the building, and that's what we're checking out now. >> very good on that. once again, as we recap, let's leave the live image up. that's east baltimore. a very sprawling, very busy, densely populated area. johns hopkins hospital is just a huge presence in east baltimore. the other huge presence that comes to mind is university hospital on the other side, closer to the harbor. but johns hopkins hospital, a huge presence there in the main hospital there. 982 beds in that hospital. we understand the doctor who was shot is undergoing surgery right
12:10 pm
now. critically injured is our understanding at this point. police receiving a call at 11:12 a.m. this morning. some confusion on the time here, but clearly, obviously, if we're covering it and it's breaking news, it happened this morning. 11:12 a.m. police receiving a call. we understand that the alleged gunman has been disarmed. police have that person in custody. we told you that the building had been evacuated. also that people who were inside the hospital were being told to stay in their rooms. so that's the latest information that we have on it. we're going to continue to check for the continuing security situation at johns hopkins hospital. let's take a break. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪
12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
one of the major hospitals on the planet, really. i want to take a look at the campus with you here, the shot provided by our affiliate, wbal. that's johns hopkins hospital. 982 beds there. you think, clinic, johns hopkins. they're essentially one, too, when you talk about major hospitals in the country, in the world, really. on that campus, in that facility, a shooting this morning. police receiving the call at
12:13 pm
about 11:12 a.m. eastern time of a shooting. we understand a physician was the victim of the shooting in the operating, in an operating room right now, being treated for that gun shot wound. we don't know if it was one or multiple, but we understand that the doctor is in critical condition right now. josh, you're still working this. >> i am. one of the things we've got along the way into this situation at that hospital was that our affiliates were reporting that this gunman had reportedly barricaded himself in a room and we're trying to figure out if there was someone else in a room. as we understand it, this was one person who went to one room. i pulled up a much closer view of the hospital itself and one thing we're going to figure out is the entranced used and the path this gunman took to get inside. obviously, lots of questions right now. was there a specific target for this and hopefully we'll learn a lot more. people are going wild on
12:14 pm
twitter. here's one example. doctor critical after hopkins shooting, suspect barricaded himself. these days, people getting information via twitter and this is an example of if anyone was headed there, they would have gotten information. >> i'm looking through a statement from the hospital, baltimore police and johns hopkins security officers are on the scene obviously. we've seen those pictures. have asked employees, visitors, patients, care givers to stay in rooms and offices. okay. i would think that guidance still holds. haven't received any word of an all clear. wouldn't be prudent at this point. everyone in rooms are being advised to lock the doors where possible until further notice. makes sense there. no further information coming from hopkins at the moment. okay, so that's the statement from johns hopkins at this point, but the reporting right
12:15 pm
now is that the alleged gunman has been captured. disarmed and in police custody. so we will continue to update this story and get you the condition, the latest updated information on the condition of the physician as soon as we can and we'll bring it to you here in the cnn newsroom. another big story we're following for you, is in california where documents show pg&e knew its natural gas pipeline needed upgrades, but never did the work. the company asked for rate hikes to pay for repairs in 2007, 2009 and this year, but money got redirected and projects rescheduled. now, some san bruno residents say pg&e put profits ahead of a fire ball that destroyed homes and lives. >> prioritized for here, it should have been fixed. there shouldn't have been any pushing it anywhere else. >> you think they should be
12:16 pm
checking everything. if they know this gas pipe was here, why didn't they check it all the time. >> makes me angry because i think they should be more concerned about people that live around the neighborhood. >> dan simon looks deeper into the allegations against pg&e. >> reporter: the mine that exploded last week was laid down in 1948. it was so old that for safety reasons, pacific gas and electric made plans to replace a section of it in south san francisco just a couple of miles away. in 2007, it got rate increases to do the work. according to a consumer watchdog group, pg&e got $5 million for the project, but the group called turn, the utility reform network, says it never happened. >> the money is -- spent on what they call higher priority work. >> reporter: what was that? >> well, you can't crack the dollars one by one, but we do
12:17 pm
know that they spent $62 million more on management incentive bonuses than they had forecasted in 2009. >> reporter: mike florio is a senior attorney for the watchdog. he says pg&e spent the money dedicated to replace the pipeline, so it is now seeking rate increases again. another 5 million to replace the same stretch of pipeline. >> reporter: how do you know this? >> because it's right in the documentation they filed with the pc to support the rate cases. you know, it's -- if you dig deep enough into these big, thick documents, this is what you find. >> reporter: the california public utilities or puc, is decided whether to go along with pg being's requests. those document documents say that section of pipe ranks in the top 100 for highest risk of failure. the pg&e documents also say if
12:18 pm
the replacement of the pipe does not occur, risks associated with this segment will not be reduced. high natural gas lines stakes for the san bruno neighborhood. pg&e hasn't disclosed exactly where the plob problem is, but much of the line runs through residential areas. this is another section of pipeline. this is about a mile away from the explosion. the location of pipelines like this are kept secret literally to prevent terrorists from come ng and blowing them up. the only way to tell is from these yellow sidewalk markers that, for example, are used to alert construction crews of danger. according to pg&e, it won't be until 2013 now until that section of pipe will be replaced. >> if they had fixed that section they wanted to fix,
12:19 pm
maybe they would have found something that led them to look a mile or two south of there. we don't know that. but we do know is that the project was slated for 2009. it didn't get done and now, they're proposing to do it again in 2013. >> reporter: pg&e provided us with a statement that says --
12:20 pm
and dan simon, dan, where do things stand on whether or not that pipeline is leaking? >> well first of all, tony, when you listen to that statement that i read there on camera, the bottom line is pg&e not denying the basic facts of this story, it's just saying their priorities shifted. they determined they didn't actually need to repair that stretch of pipeline. your question, specifically about the leak, the national transportation safety board is investigating this and that's a really important point to their investigation. they have asked for members of the public to e-mail them if they smelled gas, if they thought there was a leak. they've received 90 e-mails thus far, but according to the ntsb only one person has come forward saying they smelled gas and pg&e responded.
12:21 pm
pg&e said they looked at their phone records and determined from their point of view, that nobody called pg&e to say there was a leak in that area or that they smelled gas. pg&e saying they never responded to the area. but this notion that this was a pervasive thing, that many in the community were smelling gas, at this point, the evidence doesn't seem to show that. >> we are live from glasgow, scotland, where pope benedict is beginning his mass to great britain. that is just ahead.
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
let's focus on one top story and that's the story in baltimore. do we have the shot of the -- the live shot? it's going to be back in a second from baltimore. johns hopkins hospital. there you go. from wbal, the ariel view of the hospital there for you. baltimore city police on the scene of a shooting inside the hospital. we understand that the suspect has been disarmed and is now in police custody. a number of people on that campus, now, those inside the hospital were told, look, we're talking about patients, staff as well, to get to a room, lock the door if possible and just stay there until further notice. we understand for a period of time, the shooter was hiding inside a patient's room on the eighth floor. most critical here, a doctor was shot and critically injured by the shooter this morning, taking
12:24 pm
place in the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour. the physician is in surgery now. we're going to try to get additional information on the condition of that doctor, but again, a police have the alleged shooter in custody. that person has been disarmed. as you take a look at johns hopkins here, just an enormous campus here, the main hospital on wolf street. the 600, if i remember my home city geography correctly, the 600 block of north wolf street there is where the main hospital of johns hopkins is. 982 beds there and a very tense, very serious set of circumstances situation unfolding there this morning. but it looks like at least in the reporting that we're getting right now, that police have the situation under control and that the alleged shooter is in custody. we will continue to update the story as we get additional information. right now, let's get to chad
12:25 pm
myers. >> karl, hurricane karl. >> might intensify gens? >> to a category 2. this was off the coast of yucatan for like an hour and it was a hurricane again. never lost that much intensity over the yucatan. kind of wet, so when it rained, it was still hot. when that happened, comes across flat land, we think about hurricanes getting dead, but they didn't. didn't die. went down to a tropical storm, but then category 1, then 2 by the time it makes landfall on friday then ends up close to mexico city and that could be a problem. that big ball at 8,000 feet in the sky, that could be a problem. you can you could get significant flooting there. we will watch that. look at this. still, igor, the amount of energy that this thing has now expended is amazing.
12:26 pm
still 140 miles per hour. not hitting anything. making gigantic waves out there. i would suspect now, the leeward islands through the british virgin islands, probably seeing just tremendous waves here and the waves are in the water and they are propagating toward the u.s. so later on this week and into this weekend, we'll probably have significant, significant undertow, we call it the rip currents here across parts of the atlantic coast so we're going to be careful not to be in the water again this weekend. >> terrific stuff. appreciate it. we're still trying to get every bit of information we can out of the situation in baltimore. i know that's the city you like as well and i love it. let's get the latest from, let's see, the chief of public information for baltimore police. anthony goulemy.
12:27 pm
anthony, did i pronounce your name correctly? >> you did a great job. i got to be quick because i'm missing a briefing, but here's what we know. shortly after 11:00, we got calls for a gunman inside johns hopkins. a doctor was shot. was in critical condition. that has been downgraded to non-life threatening injuries. he is undergoing surgery as we speak. the suspect is in floor of the hospital. we have that floor contained. we have the suspect, we do not. we're in the process of executing a tactical operation and there is a small portion of the hospital being evacuated, however, if people plan to be treated here, that part of the hospital is open. the situation is contained to a small portion. i have no information on the relationship between the suspect and the doctor or the motive at this point. obviously, we want to get him and talk to him. so, that's pretty much what we
12:28 pm
have right now. >> well, anthony, before i let you go and i want dwrou get the latest information and thanks for doing this, you do or don't have a suspect in custody? >> we do not have a suspect in custody. that was inaccurate. baltimore police department does not have a suspect and we're in the process of executing a tactical operation. i would advise people to follow the baltimore police twitter site. we are updating that regularly with updates so we can get everybody information as fast and accurate as possibly. >> we'll pull that site. appreciate it. we'll let you get additional information. anthony is with the baltimore city police department. so, let's just correct that information. the suspect in this shooting is not in custody at this point. the good news here is that the doctor appears to be, the victim, appears to be doing a lot better.
12:29 pm
non-life threatening injuries now, that's good news. but police are now engaged in a tactical operation to apprehend the suspect, so we will keep you posted on this story. still to come, criminals -- let's not do the tease t. i think we're going to come back to do more on this story. let's get to a break and go to the baltimore city twitter site for the latest and we'll update everything for you on the shooting at johns hopkins hospital, not the college, but the hospital in baltimore. we will update that story in just a moment. you're in the "cnn newsroom." we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable.
12:30 pm
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12:32 pm
all right, let's do this. let's bring you up to speed on the latest information with respect to this shooting at johns hopkins hospital. it happened this morning. we have received some information from let me see here, a spokesman for johns hopkins, indicating to us that the suspected shooter had been disarmed. and you just heard a couple of moments ago, from anthony, with baltimore police. that is not the case at all. that the suspect is not in custody, so a tactical operation is underway right now and you heard anthony especially indicate that they have an area where they are operating right now where i'm left to assume that they believe where they
12:33 pm
believe the suspect is right now. and that's the area they're working in right now. a number of people are still in the the hospital. they've been told by johns hopkins, just get into a room, keep your heads down, lock the door if you can. and josh, anthony also indicated that we should check in with the baltimore city police department's twitter account. >> yeah. we jumped right on it. they're referring to the incident at 600 wolf street. what they're talking about, okay, i understand we're getting live reporting now from wmar. >> reporter: inside the building tell us this incident happened in the nelson building on floor eight, although we have not confirmed that yet. the doctor in this situation is in critical condition and the suspect is still on the loose.
12:34 pm
has not been caught. s.w.a.t. team is on the scene there. they are trying to deal with this suspect who we're told has been barricaded into a specific area of the hospital. the hospital on lockdown right now as they deal with this very serious crisis situation. we're joined by rob, a former baltimore city police spokesman. rob, talk about how they're dealing with this in crisis perspective at this moment. >> it's important for everyone to understand right now there's still a lot of unknown facts and certainly don't want to speak on behalf of the department, hopkins at this point, but we're dealing with a very severe condition of instability and danger. the first thing that must be done is to secure the scene and make sure that safety is paramount for everyone involved and so again, i think from a -- needs to understand and be a little bit patient and that there's a lot of information
12:35 pm
that's not yet been released and that will take some time, but you can be sure that the very well equipped baltimore police department is doing everything it can to make sure that a suspect is apprehended and that anyone who may have been injured during this incident is receiving a proper medical care. >> tell us how the protocall for this works. do they appoint a point person who is closest in line for the suspect and they disseminate the information for the other forces? how does this work when we're in a crisis like this and everything is so chaotic? >> what you have to remember is that the officers are trained for this time of thing, so from a tactical perspective, they're going to use all their resources and deploy to make sure the situation is abaded. to make sure chose injured are cared for, to make sure the crime scene is secure and that all can be processed in a proper
12:36 pm
and detailed manner so that ultimately, the facts can be uncovered in the minutes, hours, days and weeks ahead to find out how this may have happened and what may have led up to the incident. >> the guy speaking now is not even currently employeed with the baltimore police so we can do better than that. we just spoke a short time ago with anthony, who is currently with baltimore city police and he indicated to us that a tactical operation is very much underway right now, the suspect not in custody, but they do believe they have a fixed location, pardon me for just a second -- that they have the suspect in a fixed location. the word being used is sequestered. let's just say cornered. the suspect is cornered right now. we have no indication as to whether or not this shooter is alone or has someone with him or her at this point. we just don't know that.
12:37 pm
but at this point, we're getting from baltimore police that the tactical operation is underway, that the suspect is cornered. they know where the suspect is. justin feinten is a crime reporter for the "baltimore sun." where are you at the hospital? >> i'm in a building across the street. they had quite a wide area cleared out so that people wouldn't be sort of in the line of fire, i guess, if the weapon was outside. i'm across the street and can see into the building. in the eighth floor, they appear to have placed big xs on the windows where the suspect is not. what i'm hearing is that he's in there with his mother and was upset about some surgery that had taken place on her and turned the gun on the doctor, who, last i heard, was in
12:38 pm
critical information. >> we've gotten information to suggest that the injuries are now being referred to as non-life threatening. that's a latest information we have. we know you're checking your sources as well, but the information we're getting, the injuries to the doctor are non-life threatening at this point. let's go back to the information you're learning about the alleged shooter in this case, holed up with his mother. is that your information? >> right. we were hearing that on the police scanner. confirmed with a source. that's believed to be the issue at hand right now. >> okay. appreciate it. thank you. guys, if you can, have we established a shot on the briefing? we understand there's a briefing about to take place. is that what i'm watching now? >> yes, we're ready. >> what am i watching. >> they're going. >> shortly after 11:00 today, we were called to a shooting.
12:39 pm
a doctor was shot. police responded. we have a suspect inside the hospital. i want to correct any media reports. we do not have the suspect. he is in the hospital, however, he is contained, we believe, to a floor within the hospital. we're in the process of executing a tactical operation. baltimore city fire department, johns hopkins security, the fbi, baltimore state police are on board. the baltimore police department is the lead agency. people coming to the hospital are encouraged to come. traffic is flowing behind me. we have this isolated to a small section of the hospital and have officers in place. >> does he have hostages? >> we have not information on hostages. we don't know the relationship between he and the doctor. i know the doctor is going to be okay. he's in the best place he could be. >> an identity on the doctor? >> no identity on the doctor or suspect. we need to get this guy into custody and we have a lot of questions for the suspect.
12:40 pm
>> other parts of the hospital, energy room? >> the emergency room is opened. this is contained to one floor within the hospital and we have a plethora of resources available to us. >> is he with his mother? >> i have no information about the mother. all we know is that a doctor was shot. we need to talk to the suspect and witnesses. i have nothing concrete yet. >> main entrance area? >> we don't want to get into that for tactical reasons. doctor was shot. he was shot, rured to surgery immediate will. >> we were told the hospital had been evacuated. is that not true? >> portions were evacuated, but the entire hospital was not. this was in one small section. we're encouraging people to come here if they have business. the situation is contained. >> what is the reason why the arrest hasn't been made? >> we're in the process of getting the suspect, he's
12:41 pm
barricaded in a room. i'll get the latest briefing in a couple of minutes. >> talking to negotiators? >> all that's being done. i have no information on that either. we're not going to comment on where it is. okay? thanks, guys. >> okay, that is anthony sharing with local media what he shared with us first here in the "cnn newsroom." first of all, that the doctor's condition has been upgraded. the initial reporting on it as you know was that the doctor was in critical condition suffering from a gun shot wound. now, we understand those are non-life threatening injuries to the doctor, so a bit of good news there. better news that the suspect has been in essence, cornered. it sounds as though the tactical operation is focused on a small number of possible rooms where the suspect could be holed up right now and justin feinten is
12:42 pm
a crime reporting from the baltimore sun. anthony could not elaborate on this question of whether or not the suspect is holed up with his mother, but that's information you heard on the police scanners, correct? >> the scanner, from a source who has spoken with people close to the situation. >> and i don't know if i should even describe the situation of the suspect being holed up with his mother. but i think we were able to pull up some of your pictures. you were able to snap some early on? >> correct. some snipers set up across the street. there's obviously a large number of emergency unit at the entrance of the hospital and currently, up in the school of nursing, where students are you know, being asked to get away from the windows as we speak, trying to clear them from the
12:43 pm
windows, they're all on cell phones, checking e-mail and people are asking them what's going on. we aren't getting updates here. >> where are you? >> i'm across the street in the school of nursing, which has a advantage point. although again, we're being asked to get away from the windows and the blinds are being closed. >> who's in the room with you? >> i'm here with students. >> have you spoken with any students who have given you an account of the initial moments of all this? >> i'm sorry, can you say that again? >> have you spoken with any students who were able to give you an early account of what they saw? >> no, like i said, we are across the street. this is school across the street. probably about 100 yards, 50 yards. we have a direct advantage point on the windows, like i said, have big xs on them. >> all right. kind of want to talk to someone in the room with you who could maybe describe what they're
12:44 pm
seeing here, but you've done a good job. thank you. we're going to look at those pictures again. hey, josh, are you on the twitter site for baltimore police? >> i am. they told us that's the place for updating. the latest we have is from 14 minutes ago. they're calling it the wolf incident. referring to the hospital. saying suspect not in custody at this time and earlier, if you trace through what they were saying, they've posted several tweets about this. we're talking about how they've set up media command posts and the location, but right now, their latest status is no one in custody at this time. we've also been getting sort of conflicting or confusing stories of this idea of being barricaded. earlier, we had affiliate report thag the shooter had barricaded himself in an area. now, we're not sure if that was something the shooter had done
12:45 pm
himself. we are hearing that the situation is contained. more details we're waiting for from the hospital and the baltimore police. we're talking to them and following the twitter site right here. >> so, yeah, you can see the s.w.a.t. team, well, the ta tactical team right now getting ready, preparing for whatever part in this operation they'll play. i think you're right, josh, the information we're getting from anthony in his, the conversation with us and the subsequent briefing of reporters there in baltimore, suggest that feel as though, baltimore police and hopkins security, feel as though they have the suspect contained to a particular area, certainly a particular floor, the eighth floor of this hospital. and they feel they have the situation under control, so much so that operations in other areas of the hospital are ongoing right now.
12:46 pm
they're pointing to the fact that you know, traffic is flowing in and out of the area. so that would at least leave you with the impression that baltimore police believe they've got the situation contained. >> and this hospital is part of a $5 billion medical system. a big place. a massive hospital. consistn't consi consistly ranked one of the top ones. one of the top by u.s. news and world report. opened in 1889. it has risen to be one of the top hospitals in the country, as currently dealing with this security threat. number of beds, up near 1,000. >> we'll take a quick break and get you any additional information. i think that's anthony right there working the phones. we'll get you anything that's new, that moves the story along and update what we know. let's take a break. [ man ] this is bailey's favorite time of day. mine too.
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okay, want to show you pictures again from the big vista wall of this enormous campus, right? johns hopkins hospital there in baltimore, north wolf street.
12:50 pm
jack, can we, maybe the shot will come back around. when you see the postcard view of hopkins hospital, this is building you see. that's it there. not the best view. it's getting better, but that's the postcard view of johns hopkins hospital in baltimore, that building right there. as you can see, it's a huge, huge campus. i'm in and out of the light, but the picture is the important thing here. huge campus. main hospital building, 982 beds in that hospital. here's another shot. here it is right here as well. it is such a huge presence in baltimore overall, but on the east side, it is absolutely dominant. the university is not very far from the hospital, but it's in a different part of baltimore, so you know, this is where the shooting took place this morning. somewhere in the 10:00 to 11:00
12:51 pm
hour, police receiving the call of the shooting at about 11:12 a.m. eastern time. police obviously responding to the location. a doctor had been shot. we understand, well initially, the reports were that the doctor was in critical condition, but that has been updated and the doctor's condition upgraded. the wound, the injuries, non-life threaten, so good news there. one of the main entrances there to hopkins. anthony, the spokesperson for johns, for baltimore city police issued a statement to the media a short time ago. do we have that wrapped up? >> today we were called to reports of a shooting at johns hopkins hospital. a doctor was shot. police responded to the scene. we have a suspect that is inside the hospital. i want to credit any media reports out there. we do not have this suspect. he is in the hospital, however,
12:52 pm
he is contained, we believe, to a floor within the hospital. we're in the process of executing a tactical operation. baltimore city fire department, security, fbi are on board ch the baltimore police department is the lead agency. people coming to the hospital are encouraged to come. we have this isolated to a small section of the hospital and we have officers in place and a tactical operation. >> does he have hostages? >> no information on hostages. we don't know the relationship between he and the doctor shot. the doctor is going to be okay. he's in the best place in the world he could be. >> again, the suspect not in custody at this point. police believe they have him sort of cornered in a particular area there on the eighth floor and you can imagine negotiations are ongoing right now to get him to surrender peacefully, but that is work that is ongoing. let's take a break and get back here as quickly as possible. we're pushing ahead to t.j.
12:53 pm
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okay, before we get back to wrapping up at least our portion of the coverage of the shooting incident at johns hopkins hospital, some breaking news. we tell you all the time anything can happen here at the newsroom. the senate, we understand, has just passed the small business package that the president had been pushing for, $350 billion
12:56 pm
and the vote on that, 61-38. all right? now, let's take you back to the situation at baltimore, maryland and the shooting at johns hopkins hospital cht a doctor shot there. we understand, with non-life threatening injuries. some cnn video of one of the entrances, one of the views of the hospital here. this is madison and north wolfe. what are we hearing on this tape? can i listen? >> somewhere on the eighth floor of that building, not sure what -- >> okay, we might be overhearing some scanner traffic. we might be overhearing a reporter on that, but the information holds up that the suspect is believed to be on the eighth floor of hospital right now. and baltimore police believe they have the suspect in a fixed area. why that area, don't know. how big, we don't know, but
12:57 pm
certainly baltimore city police indicating to us through spokesman, that they believe they have the situation contained. i believe that's the word anthony used, that the situation has been contained into that fixed area of the eighth floor of the hospital. the dock who was shot by the suspect, in better shape now with non-life threatening injuries. that's the description of the injuries at this point and that is a turn in the right direction for that doctor. josh has been following a couple of things for us. the twitter page. >> also i've been following the page from the hospital. it says 28 minutes ago, they say as a precaution, the hospital has temporarily restricted access to main hospital buildings and they said that's not longer the case. the last thing they have from the hospital is that they have
12:58 pm
restricted access to main hospital buildings and we need to get more details on what's happening with the various entrances and exits. >> it's huge. it is a huge campus. the best new ins all of this is that it seems to be restricted to one particular area, on the aikt floor. you can eighth floor. you can imagine what kind of chaos if the gunman were truly on the loose and police had no idea of where the suspect was because it is such a huge campus in a densely populated, i can't tell you enough, of baltimore city. >> and part of a $5 billion medical system. there's a lot for authorities to do in a situation like this. just want to get the word out, restricted access to the main building, but just as a precaution. we're also following the latest from police. nothing new since they said suspect not in custody. >> t.j. holmes in just minutes.
12:59 pm
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